Unit Editions

1517495_10152358958707340_108355625_nOrganisation: Unit Editions
Role: Marketing coordinator and editor
Date: 2014-2015

Editorial responsibilities, including copywriting and proofreading content for publications. Also held the role of sales and marketing coordinator, responsible for creating content across all channels. This included press releases, email newsletters, blog, exhibitions and social media posts.

Titles worked on:
Lance Wyman: The Monograph (2015) – listed on Shillington Design blog as the no.1 must-read book for graphic designers.
Spin: 360° (2015) – now in the permanent collection of the permanent collection at the Stedelijk Modern Art Museum in Amsterdam.

About the client:
Unit Editions is an independent publishing venture producing high-quality books on graphic design and visual culture. We combine high design and production standards with insightful texts and informative commentaries on a wide range of subjects. Unit Editions brings the notion of the book as a highly designed artefact with rich visual and textual content to an international audience of design professionals, design students and followers of visual culture.