Roman Road Gallery

roman roadOrganisation: Roman Road Gallery
Role: Editor, researcher and writer

Researcher and writer for Roman Road Gallery. Working closely with the director, I help shape the intellectual direction of the gallery through extensive research into a number of art-world topics. I am also the editor of the Roman Road Journal, an online platform featuring original essays and a weekly digest.

About the client:
Roman Road is a contemporary art gallery in Bethnal Green, London. It is a platform dedicated to harnessing fresh artistic talent and to generating creative and stimulating interactions amongst our new generation of artists and audiences. The gallery collaborates with up-and-coming and mid-career artists to conceive innovative solo and group shows that endeavour to inspire viewers to connect with emerging art today. With a focus on photography amongst other media such as sculpture, painting and installation, Roman Road aims to foster the talents of our exhibiting artists and to bolster their distinctive creative abilities.